The Treatment Process

What it involves

Time for you to talk about where you are with your health and your specific needs. This creates the framework to understand how you are progressing with treatment. This also helps us to identify changes in your health over time if you are coming for seasonal treatment/health-maintenance.

Classical diagnosis. Looking at your tongue, feeling your pulses (and where relevant, palpating the acupuncture channels of the body) is the basis of a Chinese medicine diagnosis.

Choosing the acupuncture points  is where the depth and diversity of acupuncture treatment possibilities is expressed through the various point combinations and choices made, based on the traditional diagnosis, your main complaint(s) as well as the time of day, season and climate.

Returning to the pulse. Your pulses will be felt several times during the session to understand how the treatment is influencing change and to further explore your energetic picture through this diagnostic feedback.