The Benefit of Herbs

A highly flexible treatment – support for acute and chronic issues and ideal when travelling.

Herbs can provide flexible support to patients between acupuncture treatments, to equip patients with the ability to continue treatment whilst travelling or when they are unable to get to the practice, and of course those who are needle-phobic!

They can be effective for acute conditions as well as chronic issues that are often difficult to treat or where there are long-term deficiencies that require more consistent, gentle treatment via the digestive system.






Key Benefits

  • Formulas can be made up using whole dried herbs that you decoct yourself – the most traditional and potent method
  • Available in Full Composition Granules – offering a highly convenient way to carry, store and take your herbs (just add boiling water)
  • Balms, creams and liniments are hand-made by Lee to offer additional topical support for skin, muscles and joints
  • All herbs are tested for heavy metals, pesticides and are 100% sulphur free from approved UK suppliers
  • 100% natural, no synthetic binders, fillers, preservatives or additives of any kind – ensure unecessary ingredients are kept out of the body

“Put some quote here from Zhang Zhong Jing or Lao Zi, Chuang Zi etc……”