The Practice provides acupuncture in Exeter and North Tawton (Okehampton), Devon and is run by Lee Moden, who has been in practice since 2002.

Lee provides acupuncture for people of all ages and states of health, including people with specific ailments such as back pain, headaches and migraines etc,  those requiring support during stressful times, or those who are keen to explore greater physical and mental-emotional well-being. Support is also given for those moving into the ‘winter’ of their life and those with terminal illness.

If you are considering treatment but are unsure whether acupuncture may help – book a free initial chat so you can meet with Lee and have your questions answered. Please contact us on (01837) 214888 (acupuncture North Tawton) or (01392) 927299 (acupuncture Exeter) to arrange a convenient time.

Helping you to find balance

When you come for acupuncture treatment, you can talk in confidence, be treated with respect, compassion and without judgement. Each person is treated as a unique individual and treatments are tailored to specific needs and sensitivities to facilitate a return to health. One of many reasons that people enjoy the treatment process and feel able to relax into the treatment, is that plenty of time is allowed at each session. This is particularly important for people living busy lives, or for those already overwhelmed with anxiety or the stress of chronic pain. To read how some people have benefitted from treatment, see the Patient Experiences section

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Qi & The Meridian System

‘Qi’ & the Meridian System

Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

Acupuncture in Exeter and North Tawton

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Other Treatment Methods

A brief history of acupuncture

A brief history & background

What is classical acupuncture?

What is ‘Classical’ Acupuncture?

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In ancient China, the physicians observed in great detail, our natural behaviour and energetic rhythms. Over thousands of years, they developed and refined a natural system of medicine. This system of medicine is aimed at balancing the subtle energy flow within us, ultimately, re-orientating us towards health.

Preventing Disease

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese knew about the importance of preventing disease.

The following translation is from a 2,500 year old classical Chinese medicine text:

‘Treating disease once it has taken effect, is like trying to dig a well when one is thirsty, or trying to forge weapons when the war has already begun’. This highlights the importance of treating imbalances before they manifest as disease.

Living in harmony with nature

Chinese medicine respects the importance of living in harmony with our surroundings
We are intimately connected to the seasons and changing climates. Acupuncturists observe how a person’s mood, energy levels and general health can be affected by the  changing permutations of wind, cold, heat, dampness & dryness and seek to restore balance in the individual when these create imbalance.

Treating the Root

Acupuncture's main aim is to treat the root of disharmony
Treating the manifestation of disease (eg: symptoms) is like treating the leaves of a diseased tree, rather than treating it’s roots. Acupuncture is truly holistic, treating the whole person, and as a result, people may comment on how other things improve (such as sleep, bowels, mood, general energy levels and so on).

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Acupuncture in Exeter and North Tawton

If you are searching for ‘acupuncture Exeter’ or  ‘acupuncture Okehampton’, we have two practice locations which provide coverage to the city and surrounding areas of Exeter and the town of North Tawton (which includes the Okehampton postcode area and beyond). Excellent access routes and parking.