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Herbs and Formulas

Roots, rhizomes, seeds, fruits, bark and leaves – 100% natural ingredients, in formulas relevant for todays issues

Types of herbs

These include all of the parts of the plant: Roots, rhizomes, seeds, fruits, bark and leaves. Whilst there are many herbs you maybe familiar with (eg: cinnamon, peppermint, ginger, sechzuan pepper, Chinese red dates), most of them are unique to the landscape, altitude, climate and herbal medicine practices of China.

Chinese herbal medicine also includes a great understanding of how the nature of each single herb can change based on how it is prepared. Processing can moderate what otherwise might be overly-strong effects, diminish unwanted reactions, modify the energetic properties of the herb and dissipate disagreeable odors and tastes. Preparation methods include stir frying, boiling/steaming and calcining (using a smokeless flame to heat the herb until it becomes crispy, brittle, or red-hot).

Integrating the herbs in formulas

Whilst there are a few occasions where a single herb, or small formula with two herbs may be prescribed, typically, a formula will contain 10-15 herbs that work in a synergistic compound that is based on a classical formula and then modified specifically for you. It is for this reason that off-the-shelf, pre-prepared pills and powders are not as effective as a tailored formula.

The majority of the time, treatment is based on formulas for internal use. However, it is not unusual for a external/topical formula to be created, that can be used as a mouth or skin wash, cream, balm, herbal plaster or liniment to aid healing based on your needs. I create my own hand-made products that can be used alongside your internal formula where needed. Some of these are available for the public and can be purchased here: ********, but due to various UK regulatory law, others can only be provided for patients who have been seen in person.

Key Aspects of Jing Fang Herbal Medicine

  • Authentic origins dating back to the seminal texts of Chinese Medicine
  • Tried and tested over millenia
  • Used in hospitals in China and in the West via Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioners
  • Elegant system of healing that is dynamically adjusted to the individual
  • Formulas modified for significant changes in patient symptoms during treatment

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