I have used Acupuncture, predominantly as a complimentary treatment for over 35 years, but lapsed when moving to Devon as I am very careful that I find a suitably qualified and authentic practitioner. I am delighted to have found Lee who is AMAZING!!

As is often the way, I had a treatment with Lee in March 2019 but in May 2020 I had a serious problem with my eye sight….not only did Lee help me understand what was happening, but supported the treatment I was having and I am lucky enough to be one of the 1 in 20 patients that require no further regular treatment….I feel this is due to the Acupuncture treatment I received.

He’s so good that he’s even managed to engage my very reluctant husband.

If you’ve never used Acupuncture before you’ll not be disappointed….and if you have you will know you have found a “gooden” with Lee.”