″I was recommended by a friend to see Lee as I was generally ill and a bit down in the dumps, and I thought that acupuncture sounded interesting. On my initial consultation with Lee, first he did some pulse-readings. He then asked me questions and tested my response to some needles. Lee then suggested that I go to the dentists as he thought there was some sort of issue there.. (I put it down to my wisdom teeth coming through).  The dentist said that I had a large but hidden cavity in one of my teeth – I honestly had no idea. This was causing me to feel so run down! I realised then that Lee was the real deal and I was hooked.

I started seeing Lee once a month (ish) and can not sing his praises highly enough. I met him as a smoking, mildly depressed, highly anxious, slightly neurotic walking malady. However, after a year my life has completely changed. I have quit smoking, I have fallen in love and I have found a career path which I never thought was possible. And that’s without mentioning the massive improvement in my health!

Lee is such a kind, present and caring person, you can’t help but feel relaxed and safe in his company. After every session I felt like I had been ‘reset’ and I would come away feeling like I had really been listened . I was also given some great advice to live better.

As for the needles and acupuncture it’s self, I’ve never experienced anything like it. At first, the amazing reaction from the needles (not pain, just an energy) and then after, the most relaxing few minutes of my month – as it all does it’s stuff… (I don’t claim to actually know how it works – it just does).

Acupuncture is everywhere and commonly used, but Lee is not. The combination of a genuine, sincere practitioner who really knows what he’s talking about and a form of alternative medicine, such as acupuncture has quite honestly and without exaggeration changed my life. I will be forever grateful to him, and semi-seriously considered for a while commuting from Essex to Devon to continue treatment!

He truly is brilliant at what he does and clearly committed to improving people’s physical and mental health with passion, kindness and very thin needles. A big fan, who wishes Devon was much closer.″

Also it is so handy that we now have a warm, friendly and knowledgeable practitioner in North Tawton, and I would highly recommend Lee to everyone.

Thank you Lee”