“I first went to see Lee on the recommendation of a friend who knew I wanted to try acupuncture for ongoing fertility issues. I already had an appointment booked at another practice but she was insistent that I rearranged my appointment and waited to see Lee. And I am so glad I did. Lee has not only introduced me to the health benefits of acupuncture –  demonstrating a phenomenal breadth of knowledge and skill – but over the two years I have been treated by Lee we have developed a very special therapeutic relationship which has supported me through some difficult life challenges including the sudden and traumatic loss of a close relative.

Lee is without a doubt a very experienced and skilled practitioner. But it is his genuine, compassionate, humanistic approach that sets him apart from the rest. On one occasion he opened his practice late one evening (on his day off!) to give me some extra support when I was anxious about miscarrying a much longed for pregnancy. He shows such kindness and commitment to the well-being of his patients that exceeds all expectation. Lee is also a very wise soul who has completely changed my world view and I am a better, happier, healthier person for having been treated by him. I also have a beautiful baby boy!”