″When I first went to see Lee for acupuncture I wasn’t at all sure what to expect. I had recently had a health scare which ended up showing that I had fibroids, I was also borderline for an underactive thyroid, recovering from being anaemic and my electromagnetic sensitivity was very pronounced due to a response to the scans I had needed. It’s fair to say I wasn’t feeling great!

A couple of friends recommended acupuncture as being good for gynaecological issues and overall wellbeing and Lee came highly recommended too so I booked a session not at all sure I liked the idea of paying to have needles stuck in me! And wow I am so glad I went

From the very first couple of sessions I knew I had found something (and in Lee someone) that could really help me. There is something very special about the depth of listening that takes place in a session, it’s not just the usual question and answer stuff you might expect but when Lee felt the pulses in my wrists it felt like he was having a conversation with the very blueprint of me, of how I could be as well as how I was at that moment.

Maybe it was because he was comparing the pulses he was feeling, with what he hoped to feel, I don’t know. It was a very deep and yet very respectful conversation without any words. I can be quite shy and private and it was almost a relief to just let the pulses do the talking, they could explain far more clearly what was amiss than I could find words for. At the same time because the conversation was with all of the pulses it felt like all of me was heard and reassured that help was at hand, that better balance was just a few needles away.

I really appreciated the way that Lee included me in deciding the best treatment at each session, so I could ask any questions, say ‘fine, go for something a little more challenging’ or equally ‘please be gentle I’ve got a busy week ahead’!

As far as the needles went, it’s safe to say that not only did they not hurt (hurrah!) they were so fine (as thin as a hair) and used so sparingly it almost didn’t seem possible that they could make a big difference. But oh they did, they really did. They opened my senses to a whole aspect of listening and being aware of the energy in my body that I hadn’t known was possible.

It was fascinating to feel the needles at work, sometimes I could feel effects far from the needle (and Lee would then explain why) sometimes the effect was physical (helping my asthma) sometimes it was to do with my frame of mind, easing tension or wonderfully, restoring a sense of spontaneous happiness and laughter that had been missing since I had M.E almost 20 years ago.

I discovered that I experience the different elements of the Qi as having their own sounds and images and I love that aspect of it, it helps me to make sense of how I feel on any given day and where possible I can work accordingly. During a treatment I experience each needle as having it’s own voice and yet they all come together through a treatment to create their own combined story as the treatment finds it’s balance point. No matter how out of sorts I felt at the start of a session Lee could always help my system to find harmony by the end – which is a real gift.

I can honestly say that acupuncture has changed my life in ways I hadn’t even imagined when I first went to see Lee. The symptoms from the fibroids are much improved and the acupuncture definitely keeps them in check and more comfortable. I no longer have a thyroid problem, period pain and PMS are much less, my energy is better, I recover quicker from colds etc and I have re-found a lighthearted smiliness that for a long time I wondered if it would ever return.

Not only that but Lee also has a huge knowledge of the way in which the Qi is affected by lifestyle, diet etc and so by incorporating some of his teachings in this respect I can help to stay stronger between sessions.

I only wish I had found acupuncture sooner! Thank you Lee for the start of a fascinating journey…″