“I’m utterly envious of the lucky people of Devon.

It was physical exhaustion that took me to Lee (via a friends recommendation) but within a couple of sessions it became very clear that there was so much more going on with me.

The needles used in acupuncture are not a big deal and are so thin you hardly notice them. What you feel is the ‘sensation’ of the acupuncture point itself when it’s activated and after a second this subsides also.

The effects of acupuncture are different for everyone, but for me the initial effect was like someone had pulled the plug on pent up emotions and the uncontrollable outpour was somewhat daunting to a self confessed control freak.

However, Lee helped me every step of the way, tailoring my monthly acupuncture sessions around a holistic work-up gained through easygoing, supportive conversations about my well-being (which were pure therapy to me) and of course Traditional Chinese Medicine pulse diagnosis.

Gradually, through various ups & downs, I started to heal and my monthly sessions, which were essential to my comfort for a period of time, organically reduced to coincide with the seasonal changes.

When I look back on my ‘bleak time’ I am eternally grateful that I had Lee to help me through it all.
He is one of the most inspirational people I know with an innate wisdom that is extraordinary (& we don’t get to use such a noun very often).

Lee is much more than an exceptional acupuncturist, he is quite simply unique.”